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Sun, 26 Jan 2020
Mon, 27 Jan 2020

Moeg Geploeg

St Helena Bay St Helena Bay Show map

4 Moeg Geploeg Unit 1
7 Moeg Geploeg Unit 2
9 Moeg Geploeg Unit 3

Bunker Road 5

St Helena Bay 5 Bunker Road, Shelley Point Show map

4 Bunker Road 05

The Fountains 14

St Helena Bay 14 Fountains Crescent, Shelley Point Show map

6 The Fountains 14

The Fountains 15

St Helena Bay 15 Fountains Crescent, Shelley Point Show map

6 The Fountains 15

House Federico

St Helena Bay 31 Jutten Street, Lampiesbaai Show map

6 House Federico

Concha @ Shelley Point

St Helena Bay 4 Town House Close Show map

6 Concha @ Shelley Point


St Helena Bay B10 Tenth Street, Shelley Point Show map

6 C-scape


Golden Mile, St Helena Bay 12 Seal Crescent Show map

6 Hasies-Rus

Beachway On Golden Mile

St Helena Bay 3 Maalbaai Street Show map

2 Beachway On Golden Mile

Bella Villa

St Helena Bay 1 Bovertrek Street 7 Show map

6 Bella Villa

Goblin's Creek

St Helena Bay 1 Concorde Drive Show map

2 Double Room Sunrise Surprise
2 Double Room Sea Sound
2 Double Room. Golden Glen (Honeymoon)
2 Double Room Ethnic Splendour
2 Garden Room
2 Garden Room Cloud Seven

Kaia Titia

St Helena Bay 29 Harbour View Avenue Show map

4 Kaia Titia

Piccolo Villa

St Helena Bay 1 Bovertrek Street Show map

4 Piccolo Villa

Sanroc Cottage

St Helena Bay 6 Rafnia Street Show map

5 Sanroc Cottage

Sea Haven

St Helena Bay 8B, 10th Street Show map

6 Sea Haven

Shelley Point Beach Cottage

St Helena Bay 14 Townhouse Close Show map

5 Shelley Point Beach Cottage

White Sands

St Helena Bay 308 Golden Mile Boulevard Show map

8 White Sands

Storm Petrel

St Helena Bay 8 Deo Gloria Street Show map

6 Storm Petrel

Weskus Khaya

St Helena Bay Marcus Crescent Show map

6 Weskus Khaya

Wild Card

St Helena Bay Flagship Drive Show map

6 Wild Card


St Helena Bay 11 Bovertrek Street Show map

9 By-Die-Kaai

West Coast Cactus

St Helena Bay 1791 Columbine Cresent Show map

4 West Coast Cactus

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