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Namaqua Coast Shipwreck tour

Kleinzee, Northern Cape, South Africa Kleinzee, Northern Cape, South Africa
Duration: 4 Hours
Scale: 4 - 35 people
From: Kleinzee, Northern Cape, South Africa
Tour size: 35
To: Kleinzee, Northern Cape, South Africa
Categories: Adventure
Languages: English Afrikaans
Transportations: Car
Dune and Shiwreck tour between Kleinzee/Koiingnaas in the coastal protected areas of Namaqualand.

Showcasing the shipwrecks of the Namaqualand coastline near Kleinzee, this tour offers the guest an in-depth look at the enigmatic history surrounding 3 of the area's famous wrecks. the Brazillian SS Piratiny, The British MV Border and the Cypriot SS Arosa are brought back to life by the retelling of their voyages and final resting places by the guide, Rodville Adams.

(Minimum 4 people, Maximum 8 vehicles)

Established in late 2016, Namaqua Coastal Expeditions is an emerging company focused on ​bringing the wonders of the Namaqualand coastal region to light. The tours are hosted by Rodville Adams, an accredited guide who has exclusive access rights to the Kleinzee/Koiingnaas coastal protected areas. With his expansive knowledge of the area, Rodville offers a unique experience to his guests.  

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